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Personal Training

Whether you’re an amateur or elite athlete – find your way to personal training success with us. Our personal trainers will be happy to meet your needs. Based on your performance level, we design a training programme that is efficient and geared towards your goals.

What we offer



Balance training

Here, we work on your balance. The sessions can also be attended with no prior experience, as our balance machines offer various difficulty levels.

Movement analysis

Movement analysis consists of functional test exercises aimed at evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of specific sequences of movement. This allows us to create an individualised at-home train-ing programme for you.


Training units are based on your objectives, your physical condition and a movement analysis. Various training methods are combined in order to help you achieve your individual goal.

Core power

With a focus on your core, exercises are carried out with a view to strengthening abdominal and back muscles.

Fascia training

The fascia – the body’s connective tissue – are essential to our health. If the body is not active enough or constantly subjected to imbalanced movement, this can cause the fascia to quite literally stick together, resulting in pain. These “stuck-together” fascia can be released with targeted exercises and a range of different training aids, improving the muscles’ overall ability to perform.

Functional training

The focus is on the biomechanics of the natural movements of the human body. The primary goal is to improve the interplay of myofascial chains, and a clear improvement in mobility, speed, coordination, strength and endurance can be achieved on this basis. The training involves full-body exercises that are based on the seven fascia lines of our body.


Kettlebells were already being used in Russia at the end of the 19th century, with significant progress being made in military sport in particular. As they are highly suitable for functional training, kettlebells form part of all broadranging athletics training approaches today.


Meditation involves a range of relaxation techniques that, when carried out regularly, can have a calming effect. This mindfulness training can have a positive effect on both physical and psychological health, helping to improve mood, life satisfaction and emotional regulation, and can also alleviate physical complaints.


All sensory input is processed and interpreted in the brain, and motor output varies according to the interpretation. Various exercises are used to train input processing and influence motor output. An immediate improvement in strength, stability and balance can be observed during the training session.

Olympic weightlifting

Classic weightlifting is not only an integral part of every training programme, but is also an Olympic discipline in its own right. It is a technically challenging discipline that requires speed, strength, coordination and mobility. The techniques are practised exclusively with barbells. While the efficiency of this training is unbeatable in terms of strength development, incorrect execution can also result in the risk of physical damage. We can show you how to train safely and efficiently.

SensoPro training

SensoPro combines unique and efficient coordination training with endurance-, strength- and reaction-based exercises.

Stability and mobility

Feeling a few aches and pains? This is often a sign of unstable joints or insufficient mobility. Suitable exercises help to stabilise and mobilise the joints and eliminate imbalances.



Mindfulness training

With instructorled breathing meditation and conscious direction of attention to the individual body parts and the body as a whole, we support you in carrying out your own “body scan” and steering your focus towards the “here and now”. Enjoy a session of instructorled deep relaxation.

Aqua training

Gentle strength and endurance training in water. The natural re-sistance of the water allows for full-body training that is easy on your joints.

DeRose Yoga

The DeRose method was developed in the 1960s in Rio de Janeiro. The method teaches you to calm your mind and enhance your mental clarity and concentration, while also improving your vitality, energy and flexibility.


You experience a feeling of floating and a complete letting go of body and mind as you glide through the water.


A systematic full-body workout that strengthens the deeper-lying muscles, with a focus on the pelvic floor, abdominals and back. The method is based on concentration, mindful breathing and con-trolled movements.

Vinyasa Yoga

The synthesis of breathing and movement. A modern and dynamic yoga style in which your body flows from asana to asana (posture). The movements are accompanied by a special breathing technique. The aesthetic exercises become a meditation in movement.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a very slow, decelerated yoga style in which individual positions are held for up to five minutes. Holding the exercises for long periods helps to cleanse the meridians and bring them into balance.



Exercising outdoors is good for the body and the soul. As we take in more oxygen, we feel more powerful. The UV rays on our skin allow our bodies to produce vitamin D and stimulate the release of serotonin, which makes us feel happy. So lace up your outdoor shoes with us and discover the sporty side of the beautiful Heidiland holiday region.

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  • Bicycle tours
  • Jogging
  • Cross-country skiing lessons*
  • Running training
  • Mountain bike tours*
  • Nordic walking
  • Tennis and golf lessons*
  • Hiking
  • Circuit training

* On request


AQUA TRAINING 30 min. CHF 150.-
6 hours
CHF 395.-
CHF 660.-
50 min.
CHF 80.-
CHF 150.-

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