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Vascular medicine

The Vein Center Bad Ragaz specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of disease of the veins such as varicose veins, thrombosis and leg ulcers, artery diseases such as peripheral artery disease, and diseases of the lymphatic system. We will be happy to investigate your problems and provide you with individual advice.

What we offer

Blood vessels

We need vessels from head to toe for blood and lymph to circulate through the body. We distinguish between arteries, which transport blood from the heart to the organs (brain, legs, arms, etc.) and veins, which return the used blood from all of the organs back to the heart. These vessels can be blocked, constricted or dilated, resulting in various diseases, and this is the area of specialisation involved in vascular medicine.

Vascular ultrasound

Nowadays, many vascular diseases can be diagnosed painlessly using ultrasound. Together with a preliminary consultation and a physical examination, vascular ultrasound forms the basis of the diagnostic process for vascular disease. In most cases, the experts are then able to determine the necessity and type of treatment.

Varicose veins

Half of all people have varicose veins of some form or other (spider veins, reticular dilations of visible veins, or large, protruding varicose veins). These are generally dilations of more or less superficially located veins. Some are purely aesthetic (spider veins), while others are medically relevant. 20% of people have medically relevant varicose veins that can result in superficial venous thrombosis, bleeding, eczema and leg ulcers. We identify the type of varicose veins by means of a consultation and a vascular ultrasound examination, and advise you on the necessity and possibilities for cosmetic and medical treatment. These possibilities include sclerotherapy, endovenous procedures such as laser or radio wave therapy, or classic varicose vein surgery with stripping. All treatments are carried out on an outpatient basis.

Deep vein thrombosis of the leg

At least one in every thousand people suffer from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) of the leg every year. DVT involves the blockage of a deep vein by a blood clot. Long journeys, bed confinement, operations, severe general diseases (cancer), but also predisposition can result in this potentially dangerous condition, which manifests itself above all in leg swelling. DTV can lead to life-threatening pulmonary embolisms in the short term and leg ulcers in the long term.

On referral by the general practitioner, we investigate the possibility of DVT with an ultrasound examination and, if there is evidence of such a condition, initiate the necessary treatment with compression bandages or stockings and medication.

Peripheral artery disease

Because those affected always have to stop after walking a certain distance, peripheral artery is also referred to as “window-shopper’s disease". It is caused by a constricting or total blockage of the arteries that supply blood to the leg muscles. We investigate the complaint by means of a consultation, measurements of the blood flow and vascular ultrasound and can make a suggestion for treatment (medication, treatment with balloon catheter). Catheter procedures are performed at hospitals in the region. This disease can be caused by the risk factors of smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, raised cholesterol and overweight. These diseases occur more frequently with increasing age.


Diseases of the lymphatic system

The most common disease of the lymphatic system is lymphedema (swelling of the legs or arms as a result of lymphatic blockage). In certain people, this can start at an early age due to a congenital defect of the lymphatic system. In older people, lymphatic blockage can be caused by tumours and their treatment. Once the cause of the lymphedema has been ascertained, treatment is often carried out with manual lymph drainage/dressings followed by special customised compression stockings.

Our team of experts

Stefan Küpfer MD

Medical Director and Specialist in Vascular medicine specialising in internal medicine and angiology

Hans Joachim Hermanns MD

Specialist FMH for surgery/vascular surgery (GER), Phlebology USGG and sports medicine (GER)

Dieter Schmidt-Walser MD

Specialist in angiology with focus on "Arterial problems"

Contact and consulation

+41 81 303 38 50

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