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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Complementary medicine is an umbrella term for various treatment methods that supplement conventional medicine and, therefore, follow integrative medical approaches. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), life energy Qi is the source of all energy. Harmony and balance are only possible with an even, constant flow of Qi, which makes the theory of yin and yang so important. It originated in the Taoist philosophy of nature, and states that all things are divided into two contrasting qualities. Accordingly, all circumstances in life and all natural phenomena can be explained by the interaction of these opposites, of yin and yang. TCM can heal many chronic and acute diseases, alleviate the associated symptoms, ease pain and enhance wellbeing. With its partner institute MediQi, the Medical Health Center Bad Ragaz can offer a wide range of TCM services. The exclusive partnership with the State Ministry for TCM in the People’s Republic of China ensures that the MediQi team are able to draw upon the expertise of the best TCM practitioners, who have studied TCM at a university in China and have in-depth know-how in the areas of research and phytotherapy. The high quality of the treatments is rounded off by close collaboration with the Medical Health Center.

What we offer


TCM can heal many chronic and acute diseases, alleviate the associated symptoms, ease pain and enhance wellbeing.

The high effectiveness of the therapeutic methods make TCM a valuable addition to conventional medicine. 

  • Allergies and autoimmune diseases (hay fever, asthma, skin diseases) 
  • Disorders of the urinary tract (susceptibility to cystitis, vesical tenesmus) 
  • Other (smoking cessation, fatigue, concentration difficulties, exhaustion, lack of energy, impaired general condition) 
  • Functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (flatulence, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation) 
  • Gynaecological complaints (abnormal oestrous cycle, menopause, postmenopause) 
  • Children’s diseases (hyperactivity, bedwetting, abdominal colic) 
  • Psychological, psychosomatic (anxiety disorders, burnout, insomnia) 
  • Pain (migraine, arthrosis, back pain, joint pain, neuropathic pain)


The therapy tailored closely by MediQi TCM specialists to suit the needs of the patient generally comprises a combination of several procedures within Traditional Chinese Medicine. It aims to active self-healing power in order to ensure pain relief or the healing of a disease.

  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese medicines
  • Moxibustion/heat treatment
  • Ear acupuncture
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Cupping treatment
  • Tui Na massage*
  • Tongue diagnosis

* The manual therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is called Tui Na, and cannot be compared with the classic Western massage. Tui Na is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By touching, massaging, pressing, rubbing and warming certain points, working over a large area along the pathways and mobilising the joints, the therapist influences the flow of energy (Qi) in order to harmonise yin and yang and restore the basic functions in the body.

Our team of experts

Hongmei Cai Wu

TCM qualified therapist

Yifu Wang

TCM qualified therapist

Contact and consultation

+41 81 300 46 60

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Opening Hours

Monday 7.45 to 11.45 am 15.30 to 19.45 pm
Tuesday 7.45 to 11.45 am 13 to 17.15 pm
Wednesday 8.30 am to 12.30 pm 14.15 to 18.30 pm
Thursday 9.15 am to 13.15 pm 15.30 to 19.45 pm
Friday 7.45 to 11.45 am 13.45 to 18 pm
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