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Sleep medicine

Find your way back to a new quality of life through healthy and restorative sleep. Sleep diagnostics is suitable for patients who suffer from problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night, daytime tiredness, lack of energy, concentration difficulties or disturbances of the sleep–wake rhythm. The focus is on the loss of recovery, often combined with snoring. The diagnostic process involving video polysomnography records all disturbing factors during your sleep and facilitates a clear diagnosis on the basis of the results obtained. You receive concrete treatment suggestions from a medical specialist for the lasting relief of sleep disorders.

What we offer

Sleep diagnostics

  • Comprehensive consultation including patient medical history
  • Laboratory testing of your liver, kidney, thyroid, blood-sugar and blood-lipid values as well as a complete blood count
  • Lung function test (including test of lung volume and airway resistance)
  • Comprehensive sleep assessment with video polysomnography
  • Final consultation with your doctor (discussion of all examination results including individual advice and recommendation of possible therapy methods)
  • Personal health file (German/English)
  • Personalised support throughout the programme


The video polysomnography can be carried out in your room/suite. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the following essential features of your sleep will be recorded in a simple and reliable manner:

  • Electrical activity of the brain (EEG)
  • Eye movements and muscle tension
  • Sleep cycles
  • Breathing and, if applicable, snoring
  • Blood oxygen level
  • Electrical activity of the heart (ECG)
  • Leg movement patterns
  • Body position and position changing 

Our team of experts

Mark Däppen MD

Swiss Medical Association doctor specialising in pneumology and internal medicine, Manual medicine

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