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The neurology department offers diagnostics and therapy in diseases of both the central (brain, spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system, as well as neuromuscular diseases. For many of those affected, the symptoms of disease often result in a new situation that calls for individual consultations with the patient. A diagnosis is often the first step in ensuring that the therapeutic process can begin. Clarification and treatment of disease from the entire spectrum of neurology are carried out in the outpatient neurology clinic. Common conditions include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, peripheral compression syndromes, nerve root disorders, clarification following a stroke, epilepsy and headaches such as migraines, and muscular diseases. Electrophysiological measurements (such as electroneurography, electromyography) can be carried out as necessary, and further tests such as MRI and CT scans arranged. Advice on inpatient or outpatient neurorehabilitation is a further area of focus.

What we offer

Outpatient neurology clinic

Clarifications and treatments from the entire spectrum of neurology.

Outpatient neurorehabilitation Medical Health Center Bad Rag-az

Promote functional recovery and performance through an individualized multimodal therapy program.

Inpatient neurorehabilitation Clinic Bad Ragaz

All information about inpatient neurorehabilitation can be found on the website of the Clinic Bad Ragaz.

Our team of experts

Serafin Beer MD

Head physician neurology Clinic Bad Ragaz, Swiss Medical Association doctor specialising in neurology

Sylvan Albert MD

Swiss Medical Association doctor specialising in neurology

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