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Mental health

Our psyche, which comes from the Greek for “soul”, describes us as an individual with the mental and emotional characteristics and personality traits that make us who we are. Our thinking and feeling, our drive and decisiveness, our dreams and fantasies, conscious and unconscious: all of this ultimately shapes our relationship formation and our behaviour.

Factors from our environment, genetic predispositions, physical illnesses or a combination of these can cause our psyche to become unbalanced, potentially leading to mental disorders or psychiatric or psychosomatic illness.

Finding, reinforcing, maintaining or re-establishing one’s own internal balance is a continuous process.

What we offer

Burnout: treatment and prevention

Whether you are aiming to focus on prevention or are already experiencing a mild or more severe burnout process: targeted advice and treatment of the symptoms of burnout and exhaustion will help with your self-management. Symptom-oriented treatment can be provided for depressive symptoms, cognitive impairments (memory, retention, concentration), anxiety, sleep disorders or substance abuse.


Depression places an enormous burden on those affected and their loved ones. Feelings of powerlessness and helplessness can lead to despair, which can even result in suicidal thoughts. The good news is that depression can be treated extremely effectively by means of psychotherapy, combined if necessary with drug therapy.

Anxiety and compulsions

Anxiety and compulsions are becoming increasingly frequent in our society, possibly also due to the fact that those affected now talk more openly about their condition and are prepared to seek help. Significant progress can usually be made by means of behavioural therapy measures and by learning relaxation techniques. Well-tolerated medication is also available if necessary.

Grief and life crisis

There is probably no life without grief and crises. The question is in which situation the bereavement or crisis will affect us, and what resources we have available to overcome it. A therapeutic consultation can help to reduce suffering and avoid resignation or even depression.

Sexual counselling and therapy

Sexuality is an extremely intimate aspect of our personality, one that develops and changes throughout our lives. The changes that occur can be unsettling. Physical illness, mental stress or relationship problems can have a negative impact on sexuality. The situation can be improved by means of specific sexual therapy or treatment of the underlying relationship or psychological problems. Underlying physical conditions should also be understood and treated in collaboration with other medical professionals (cardiology, endocrinology, urology, gynaecology).

Self-awareness and supervision

Would you like to understand yourself better? Are you wondering why you always fall into the same traps and patterns in your private or professional life? Would you like to develop or change personally or professionally? Individual and target-oriented support can be provided by means of self-awareness and supervision. We can discuss your objectives and the subsequent steps with you in an investigative discussion.

Our team of experts

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Please note that the consultation hours are held at our partner Dr. Joachim Leupold's practice, at the following address:

Praxis Dr. Joachim Leupold
Bartholoméplatz 3
7310 Bad Ragaz

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