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Healthy, beautiful skin has been ascribed a great deal of importance for thousands of years. Today, nothing has changed; rather, healthy skin has become a fundamental societal need. Skin diseases or dermatological/aesthetic problems can greatly affect a person and strongly impact their quality of life. The skin is our largest organ, one we wear on the outside. It is exposed directly to damaging environmental influences and reflects the ageing process and a person’s internal state of health like no other organ. We use the most effective dermacosmetic ingredients, the latest laser technologies and minimally invasive procedures for the renewal and rejuvenation of your skin. Each of our treatments focuses first and foremost on your personal wellbeing and aesthetic perception

What we offer


Our anti-aging techniques are setting new standards, and actively counteract the aging process in an effective way. Targeted interventions not only improve your external appearance, but also your physical wellbeing.


A new outstanding advance in Swiss marine cell therapy. The world’s only oral cell therapy, which contributes to extraordinary mental and physical performance, regardless of biological aging.

Mega NFC®

Thanks to its selective ion exchange mechanism, Mega NFC® is able to bind pollutants and heavy metals with varying levels of attraction, depending on the selectivity coefficient, and eliminate them. Clinical data has shown that valuable minerals are not washed out during the treatment.


In our society, people pay a lot of attention to how skin looks. We highlight your natural beauty by optimising the contours of your face, improving any problem areas and reducing signs of aging.

Wrinkle treatment

For reduction of wrinkles and excessive sweating

Radiesse® and dermal fillers

Modelling of parts of the face

Hyaluron filler

Injection wrinkle treatment, soft/basic/intense

Lip filler and enhancement

Philtrum (cupid’s bow) correction if required

Vampire/plasma lift

Modelling of parts of the face or smaller areas

Thread lift

For facial rejuvenation and reduction or lifting of individual wrinkles – a facelift without the need for incisions

Hair treatments

Hair consultation, hair implants


Elimination of unwanted skin alterations, scar corrections, minor outpatient facial surgery



These days, beautiful, healthy skin is essential for a well-groomed, attractive appearance. This is why skin diseases can greatly affect a person and strongly impact their quality of life. We offer a comprehensive medical consultation and therapy for dermatological and allergological illnesses.

General dermatological consultation

For skin disorders of the scalp, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, fungal nail infections, etc.

Professional skin cancer care/mole examination

Examination of the skin with risk classification, removal of conspicuous moles as required

Professional skin type determination

Face, with personalised care recommendation

Acne and rosacea clinic

Personal treatment concepts

Allergology clinic 

To exclude allergies

Photodynamic therapy

Targeted treatment of white skin cancer

Children’s dermatology clinic

For skin rashes, itching, warts, eczema, etc.


Our hair is part of our image, and contributes to an attractive appearance. We offer hair transplantation using the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method.

The treatment includes:
  • Preliminary consultation
  • Admission consultation
  • Hair transplant
  • Hairdresser
  • Follow-up examination


Laser technologies are an important element of aesthetic dermatology. Our long-standing experience in the use of state-of-the-art laser devices means that we can visibly reduce signs of aging, or remove unwanted skin alterations in a targeted manner.

Eyelid lift

Effective treatment without the need for incisions


3D and 4D facelift, skin renewal

Laser peel

For skin rejuvenation

Hair removal

All areas of the body

Blood vessel removal

Rosacea treatment, spider veins, blood vessels and hemangiomas

Scar treatment

On the body, acne scars, stretch marks

Skin tightening

Cheek, neck, upper arm, stomach, thighs, enlarged pores

Body forming

Weight reduction, toning, rosacea


Age and pigment spots, blotchy skin


Youthful, radiant skin is the best indicator of all-over beauty. We use effective active dermacosmetic ingredients combined with the latest technologies and minimally invasive treatments to keep your skin young – or even renew it.

(Micro-) dermabrasion

Face and neck, cleavage, arms and hands

Dermastamp mesotherapy

Face and neck, cleavage

Treatments with rejuvenating factors

Face and neck, cleavage, arms and hands using bioactivators and Pellevé treatments

Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) fruit acid peel

Face and neck, cleavage, arms and hands

Microneedling/radio frequencies

Skin rejuvenation, scar and acne treatment

Our team of experts

Brigitte Bollinger MD

Swiss Medical Association doctor specialising in dermatology and venereology

Ali Pirayesh MD

Swiss Medical Association doctor specialising in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

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